blank I have come across some interesting station wagons and have dedicated this little section for those full scale wagons worth recognition.

blank 2005 Dodge Magnum
After nearly a decade since the death of the American full-sized wagon… it's back. Some since of irony as the same company that killed the station wagon is bringing it back. Dodge rolled out the Caravan in 1983 while was the beginning of the end of the wagon and in 2005 they bring back the Magnum: a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive, full-size station wagon (with a Hemi no less). A bit more truck-looking that I like, but I'm sure I'll own one some day. Dear Dodge: Thank you. More information here.
2005 Dodge Magnum
blank 2004 Chevrolet Nomad Concept
I wonderful concept that I would like to see in my driveway. Heavily influenced by the 1954 Corvette-based "Waldorf " Nomad prototype. GM keeps making prototypes so there is home they will start producing the Nomad. More information here.
2004 Chevrolet Nomad Concept
blank 2000 Subaru Forester Woody
Subaru presented this concept car in 1999 to celebrate 25 years of all-wheel-drive. The side panels for this car where real wood. I wish they would have offered them to the public. More information here.
2000 Subaru Forester Woody
blank Volvo Adventure Concept Car 2
This second version of the Volvo Adventure is more scaled down than the 2001 concept, returning to a more station-wagon feel.
Volvo Adventure Concept Car 2
blank 1972 Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser
I just love this car. The perfect combination of brain and brawn.
1972 Vista-Cruiser
blank 1999 Chevrolet Nomad Concept
An interesting concept. Folding 2nd and 3rd row seats and retractable roof in a rear-wheel driven, V8 powered sport wagon. Too bad it's not planned for the market.
1999 Nomad
blank 2002 PT Cruiser with Wood Grain Exterior Accents
From the Chrysler Web Site:
Almost as soon as the PT Cruiser was first introduced, people wanted to customize it. As a result, aftermarket wood paneling applications quickly surfaced throughout the country. Well now it's our turn. For the Chrysler PT Cruiser Woodgrain Exterior Accents Group, Chrysler designers reached back to the brand's strong wood-body car heritage which was established in 1941 through 1950 with the Chrysler Town & Country series. A simple, flowing wood-grained graphic appears on all four doors, the quarter panels and liftgate. The graphic is a linear Medium Oak woodgrain framed with Light Ash surround moldings. The Chrysler PT Cruiser Woodgrain Exterior Accents Group option will be available on all Chrysler PT Cruiser models including base, Touring and Limited models.
As a side note, Testors is offering the wood trim as one of their metal customs.
2002 PT Crusier
blank 1981 Chrysler Lebaron Town & Country
This was just a real interesting wagon I found a picture of. Check out the extensive use of molded wood trim, and on an 80s car none the less.
1981 Lebaron
blank 1960s Mercedes Universal (190 D and 230)
The Heckflose style of Mercedes has always been my favorite. I own a sedan version of this car (link) but the custom wagon versions (known as Universals) are really cool and rare.
1960s Mercedes Universal
blank 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Nomad (Waldorf)
In 1954 Chevrolet premiered the Nomad style on a corvette body. While I believe only one was produced, the design has been copied by custom car makers.
1954 Corvette Nomad
blank AMTronic
A very interesting car. In 1969 AMT designed a station wagon for the 21st century. The AMTronic was a long wagon with a detachable front end. This turbine-powered vehicle could not only reach terrific speeds on the ground, it could fly as well. I can't wait until the year 2000 when we all get to drive one of these… Um, wait… No full-sized version was ever created. The following are some links to AMTronic information sites:
blank Dodge Intrepid Hearse
No, there is not real car like this. I custom made this image, but I would love to see the Intrepid made into a wagon or hearse. A high-performance hearse.
Dodge Intrepid HEarse
blank Dodge Intrepid Town & Country
Another computer creation. How about an Intrepid wagon using the new PT Cruiser woodgrain trim?
Dodge Intrepid Station Wagon
blank 2000 Wienermobile
Not a station wagon you say? Well with three rows of seats and a long design, I think it could be a wagon.
Oscar Meyer 2000 Wienermobile