AMT/ERTL #31219 '65 Chevelle Station Wagon

The first Chevelle was introduced in 1964, designed to fill a slot between the "standard" large Chevrolets and the compact Chevrolet Corvair and Nova. These intermediate sized Chevys went on to become the best selling car line in the industry. One of the most popular models in the Chevelle line was the ever-useful station wagon, the subject of this AMT model kit. 1965 was the second year for this new line of Chevrolets which featured everything from a convertible to the El Camino pickup, so the wagon was in some good company.

Power trains available in '65 consisted of 2 six cylinder engines and 3 V-8s. The base V-8 was a 195 HP 283 cubic inch engine, options were a 250 HP 327 and a 300 HP 237**, the last engine came with factory dual exhausts. Transmissions consisted of a manual 3-speed, a 4-speed, and overdrive manual and the automatic powerglide transmission. A buyer could order the 300 HP engine in any Chevelle from the base model 300 to the deluxe Malibu and, of course, the Malibu SS. This engine in the Malibu wagon would make a pretty quick grocery-getter and keep the drive to work entertaining to say the least. The Chevelle had a body-frame construction and coil spring suspension, a solid read axle located with trailing arms and independent front suspension with double "A" arms. All suspension components were isolated from the frame and body with bushings and the body was isolated from the frame at strategic points with rubber bushings to keep things quite inside. Chevrolet called their high-output engines "Turbo-Fire" although they were not turbocharged, the term referred instead to the improved breathing of the cylinder heads.

These "nice-sized" Chevys were popular and were used for many different things, as the four versions in the kit can testify to. A good condition '65 Chevelle is now a collectors item, particularly if it has one of the V-8 engines. As mid-sixties muscle cars grow in popularity so does the Chevelle. The small-block Chevy engine is already a legend in its own right and certainly is the power behind the popularity of the "Bow-Tie" cars from General Motors.


Overall length-201.4" (sedans,196.6)
Height-55.1 (sedans, 53.2)
Wheel tread-58"
Overall width-74.6"
Steering ratio-28 to 1
Wheels and Tires-14" X 7.35

from the Form No. 099-31219 instruction sheet

Additional Data

** Actual engines available:

V6 194 (120HP)
V6 230 (140HP) "Turbo-Thrift"
V8 283 (195HP)
V8 283 (220HP)
V8 327 (250HP) "Turbo-Fire"
V8 327 (300HP) "Turbo-Fire"
V8 327 (350HP) "Turbo-Fire"
V8 396 (375HP) (SS version - not available in a wagon)

Production Numbers:

Chevelle 300 wagon, 2-door
V6 Model #131155 - 1,015
V8 Model #131115 - 653

Chevelle 300 Deluxe, 4-door wagon
V6 Model #133355 - 6,314
V8 Model #134355 - 4,751

Malibu, 4-door wagon
V6 Model #135355 - 6,500
V8 Model #136355 - 18,373    AMT kit version

Available Exterior Colors:
Tuxedo Blackblank
Ermine Whiteblank
Mist Blue Metallicblank
Danube Blue Metallicblank
Willow Green Metallicblank
Cypress Green Metallicblank
Artesian Turquoise Metallicblank
Tahitian Turquoise Metallicblank
Madeira Maroon Metallicblank
Evening Orchid Metallicblank
Regal Redblank
Sierra Tan Metallicblank
Cameo Beigeblank
Glacier Gray Metallicblank
Crocus Yellowblank

Available Interior Colors:


Ivory & Aquablank blank
Ivory & Blackblank blank

The color blocks above are computer representations. Go here for a nice web site that includes an original color sample.
65 Chevelle