1960 Plymouth Sport Suburban
The finest automotive blend of function and design...

     Running the gambit from family workhorse to modified hot-rod, the station wagon has an iconic place in automotive history. While once the dominating force of the highways, this steel-slice of Americana is all but lost in the modern world.

     The station wagon, especially the full-sized American breed, has always held a place in my heart. The artistic styling and dramatic function of these great cars have been unmistakable from the early woodies to the grand Roadmaster of the 90s.

     This site is dedicated to the Station Wagon in its miniature form. Highly detailed scale models are magnificent ways to honor the great automobiles from past to present, but the faithful wagon is rarely found stocked on the shelves of local hobbies stores. While 2-door sports cars are a dime a dozen, try to find a 1958 Packard Wagon… or a 1976 Chrysler Town and Country.

     I have compiled a database of the known station wagon model kits. These kits must meet these three criteria:
     --Either 1/24 or 1/25 scale
     --Constructible kits (not pre-built promos)
     --Can be built as some form of a wagon or hearse.
     This database will be constantly growing as new kits are released and older kits are discovered. The focus will be on models that can be built stock, but customs based on wagons will also be listed. While the database consists mostly of American cars from AMT, Revell/Monogram, and Johan, all makes and models of station wagons are accepted for entry as long as they meet the three criteria. I have decided to add Resin kits (partial and complete) in the database because of their popularity and increasing acceptance in the hobby.
     It should be noted that I am not selling anything with this web site. I do not own all the models listed here and have none for sale. This web site does not generate profit; it is a free informational site for fans of the art.

     I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk. My previous ride was a 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Estate. Here she is in all of her nine-passenger, faux wood grain glory.
My 84 Caprice

     I went a little sporty and bought a Subaru Legacy GT (wagon of course). While smaller, the Subaru is a great wagon.
My 98 Subaru Legacy GT

     I am return to the hobby after a decade hiatus. In my younger years I always had a model under construction, but college stole my time and for the 90s I abandoned the craft.

     When I decided to dive back into the hobby I restricted myself to a specific topic: Station Wagons. I knew without this restriction I would be buying tons of kits and never finishing them. With the goal of completing the Station Wagon Museum I at least had something to keep me on track. I also took this opportunity to create this web site as both a way to share my love wagon models, and as a place to store the information I find in researching the kits.

     I will be commenting on many kits and giving detailed reviews on those as I build them. My model car kits are a canvas for creating representations of actual automobiles with a distinct fondness toward showroom stock. As a result I may be over critical of some kits because of their custom oriented design. In other words, my comments are my opinions.

     I will also be sharing any tips, techniques, or neat products I use in building the wagon museum. The tools of modeling today with its photo-etched parts, plastic polishes, cast resin bodies, and million different glues is a far cry from the can of Krylon and tube of Testors I used in the 80s. While I don't consider myself a beginner, I am also not a professional but as I learn I will post the information here in hopes that others might find something useful.

     I know of about 100 different station wagon model kits, but there are more and different releases of the ones I do know. I also know it is quite possible the information I have is wrong. If you have any information for this site please feel free to contact me at:   wagon@lastsummer.com

All images used on this site, including model box artwork, remain the property of the owner and are used here for informational/reference purposes.