Anything Is Possible!
     Reality is not what it seems. The universe is not singular. The cosmos is but an infinitesimal mote floating in an endless sea of alternate spheres of existence, a limitless expanse where improbabilities do not exist. It is the Infinite Continua.
     On countless other worlds life strives to survive, beating its chest against the ever-present tide of entropy. Beings, both recognizable and alien, compete with one another for the right to exist in an eternal ballet of conflict and savagery, set against an incalculable array of backdrops and scenery. Histories play out as ecosystems are born, evolve, and extinguish; stories separated from one another by space, time and the laws of physics.
     But sometimes the natural boundaries between worlds are briefly compromised. The fingertips of realities touch, bridging the interminable gap between continuities, and the impossible becomes possible.

Vortex is a customizable miniature skirmish game that can be used with any miniature in any setting, using the miniatures and terrain you already own!

The Vortex: Core Rulebook contains rules for building Combatants, over 270 Abilities, Liabilities, Weapon Features and Flaws, dozens of pre-constructed Combatants, an amazing array of Scenarios, and a complete easy-to-play Campaign System that allows your miniatures to gain experience and grow as characters. Vortex is also perfectly suitable for single games and tournament events.

Set within the Infinite Continua, Vortex is what you make it. Players are free to write any sort of back-story for their Combatants and Companies. You can play with historical accuracy or pure flights of fancy. You can create your own universes or play using existing literary or cinematic fare. The story of Vortex is every story.

The Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules are available as a free download. This quick-start version of Vortex contains everything needed to play the basic game.

Imagine the infinite possibilities, join the forum, check out the free Bonus Material, and be sure to check back for future updates.

Gather your friends, dust off your favorite miniatures, build your Companies, and play!

Vortex: Core Rulebook
Vortex: Core Rulebook
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Digital Copy
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Basic Battlefield Rules
The Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules are available for free download in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat. These basic rules contain everything needed to play the game. Complete customization rules, dozens of game scenarios, and a full campaign system is available in the full Vortex: Core Rulebook

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Additional web content to be used with the Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules is periodically posted on UTG's site. This additional content includes extra Combatants, Scenarios, and Gaming Tools. Follow the link below.
Additional Web Content
Miniatures and Terrain featured were created from products by Hirst Arts, Black Scorpion, and Reaper Miniatures
and were constructed and painted by Jim Fallin, Barry McGuffin, James Napier, Doug Olds, and Scott Spear.