Basic Battlefield Rules

The Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules are available for free download in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat. These basic rules contain everything needed to play the game. Complete customization rules, dozens of game scenarios, and a full campaign system is available in the full Vortex: Core Rulebook.

[3.7 Meg] updated 01/31/11

Vortex: Core Rulebook Errata
Errata  [144k] updated 07/04/14  NEW

Additional content to be used with the Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules
Bonus Combatants
Bonus Combatants: Bones  [1949k] updated 10/25/13
Bonus Combatant Pack  [202k] updated 02/02/12
Commander  [14k] updated 09/22/10
Ranged Sprayer  [15k] updated 09/22/10
Personnel Carrier  [16k] updated 09/22/10
Light Charger  [13k] updated 09/22/10
Standard Bearer  [14k]
Drop Trooper  [17k]
Wargames Factory Shock Troops  [442k] updated 09/22/10

Bonus Scenarios
Breakthrough  [13k]
Zombie Apocalypse  [66k]
Parley Awry  [96k]

Platoon Construction Tools
Excel Tool  [45k] updated 07/10/11
Web Tool

Gaming Aids
Combatant Construction Excel Tool  [166k]
Three Combatants per page.
Combatant Construction Excel Tool - Hero Edition  [147k]
Single Combatant per page with more room for Weapons and Abilities/Liabilities.
Blank Combatant Sheet  [75k]  
Markers  [118k]