Errata Updated
An updated version of the Errata is available from the Downloads page.
This updated version contains fixes for the typos and rule modifications from the Vortex: Core Rulebook. In addition, is contains all of the new Abilities, Liabilities, Features, and Flaws that have appeared from various bonuses and even some brand new ones.

Gencon 2013
Unified Theory Games will be hosting six different Vortex events on Friday and Saturday of Gencon. Four of the events will be 500 point, four-person Grudge Matches. The other two events will test the new Vortex: First Person Gaming system which allows players to control a single powerful combatant and work together to survive waves of enemies.

Pre-order tickets are still available and generic tickets accepted for open slots. Players can create their own combatants using the Vortex: Core Rulebook and bring their own minis or use the stats and minis provided. Every players walks away with a d10 and a painted mini.

Feel free to stop by Hall C on Friday and Saturday and talk with Jim and Scott.

Bonus Combatants: Bones
To celebrate the successful Reaper Bones Kickstarter, Unified Theory Games is releasing over 200 unique pre-generated Combatants for use with the Vortex customizable miniature skirmish game.
The combatants will be released in groups each week starting on 05/01/13 and will end with the release of a free mini-campaign.

The Pre-Generated Combatants is found on the in the Bonus Combatants section of the Downloads page.

The Miniature Database
The first stage of the Warboard is live.
The Miniature Database contains a growing publicly-supported collection of miniature photographs that can be viewed by genre.
Players may upload and show off their own miniatures. These pictures will eventually be tied into the full Warboard site.

Vortex Bonus Combatant Pack
With inspiration from fans, UTG is happy to release three new attribute elements to be used with the Vortex: Core Rulebook. In addition, three new Combatants are included with this Bonus Combatant Pack which is found on the in the Bonus Combatants section of the Downloads page.
Errata posted
The official Errata for the Vortex: Core Rulebook is available on the Downloads page.
Vortex Gen Con Tournament

The official rules for the 2011 Gen Con tournament can be found HERE

Combatant Construction Tools
Two Excel tools have been added to the Gaming Aids section of the Downloads page.

The Combatant Construction Excel Tool allows a player to quickly create up to three Combatants per sheet with many of the calculations automatically performed.

The Combatant Construction Excel Tool - Hero Edition allows only a single Combatant per page but provides a greater area for adding Weapons and Abilities/Liabilities.

The Vortex: Core Rulebook is available.
After five long years in the making, the Vortex: Core Rulebook is finally available for sale.
Click HERE to purchase the Vortex: Core Rulebook directly from Lulu.

The Vortex: Core Rulebook cover is finished
The cover art for the Vortex: Core Rulebook is complete and can be viewed from the Observations page.

New Bonus Combatant - Standard Bearer
A new Bonus Combatant, the Standard Bearer, is available on the Downloads page.
This Combatant is available for use with the free Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules.

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!
Zombie Apocalypse includes a new Combatant, a ravenous zombie, and a new challenging Scenario that pits the last vestiges of civilization against a relentless reanimated horde.
Get your copy of Zombie Apocalypse for free from the Downloads page. Look for tips in dealing with the undead menace on UTG's Facebook page.

The Shock Troops are here!
In celebration of Wargame Factory’s new Shock Troop miniatures, Unified Theory Games is offering eight new Bonus Combatants to be used with the Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules. They can be found in the Downloads section.

New Bonus Scenario and Combatant!
A new scenario entitled "Breakthrough" and a new Bonus Combatant, a Light Charger, is now available on UTG's Symposium. Download them both and Throw Down!
What's Your Story?
Unified Theory Games is inviting aspiring authors to visit the UTG forum and post flash fiction works set within the Vortex Infinite Continua. The nature of the game offers writers a unique opportunity to indulge themselves in any genre or mix of genres. Write of massive airship battles over New London or Cyborg dinosaurs roaming the gardens of Babylon. With Vortex, anything is possible.

Be sure to read the Fiction Guidelines before submitting. It is possible that Unified Theory Games may offer to purchase the rights to publish fictional works for a monetary compensation to use in the upcoming Vortex Core Rulebook.

Bonus Combatants Abound
There are now three Bonus Combatants available in the Tools and Data section of the Forum.
Commander - A good Platoon leader
Ranged Sprayer - Presenting a Weapon Feature
Personnel Carrier - A Transport chock-full of Weapon Flaws, Abilities and Liabilities


The Symposium

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Vortex Basic Battlefield Rules Available Free

Unified Theory Games is proud to announce the Vortex Basic Battlefield Rules are available as a free PDF download.
This 28-page edition of the rules contains everything players need to jump into the game including the Rules, Sample Combatants, a Scenario, and Markers.
The Vortex Core Rulebook, scheduled for print in late 2010, is a fully customizable miniature skirmish game for use with any miniature in any setting.

UTG to feature Wargames Factory miniatures
Expect to find Wargames Factory miniatures on the battlefield. UTG has received permission to feature Wargames Factory's plastic and highly customizable miniatures.

Vortex Beta Testing Begins in November!
UTG received a phenomenal number of playtester applications during the month of October. Applicants who have been selected for Vortex Beta Testing have be notified via e-mail.

Warm up your ten-siders, dust off your favorite miniatures, tell your friends, and get ready to skirmish!