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July 2007
ROADSIDE ART is pleased to announce completion of initial tracking for their twelfth studio outing, tentatively titled Downtime. Primary recording of drums, percussion, and vocals was completed between May 26-29, 2007 at SSC Recording Studio, in Muhlenberg County, KY. This collection of songs represents the band's fifth collective digital recording outing. A splendid time was had by all. Guitar and bass perfection will follow, as per past practice.

The new recordings include nine (9) original songs, and one cover tune - a fresh rendering of the classic 1965 Beatles Rubber Soul album highlight "You Won't See Me." For those of intimate familiarity…not Jim's suggestion!

Paying homage to past ROADSIDE ART efforts, the most recent collection of songs promises to tread a fine line between clever and cleverer…a group of songs connected by their composers' insistence upon eclecticism. With tributes to the absurd (a forlorn ode to America's favorite felon, "Mary Kay Letourneau") through to political observations toward the absolute ("Patriot Acts"), the "Downtime" collection is a group of songs dedicated to the common…tunes for tumultuous times. Nothing more, nothing less.
We all need a little "Downtime…"

Original songs on the new collection will feature the following, ultimately in no preordained order:
         1. Downtime
2. Patriot Acts
3. Mary Kay Letourneu
4. Bonecrush
5. Broke Down & Busted
6. Get Behind Me Satan, and Push
7. Remember This
8. My Secret Majesty
9. Doin' My Best (With What I Got)

With gestations from early home studio rendering through to live demo form origins in Smithville, TN (July 2005, the "Lake House Sessions"), the included songs will represent the ROADSIDE ART we all know and love…tough yet tender, sonic yet subtle.

"Downtime"…proving yet again that perfection can't be rushed.

-Jim Newton (July 1, 2007)