Since 1989, Aaron Lambert (drums/percussion), Jim Newton (guitars/bass), and Gavin Richardson (vocals / keys) have been writing and recording original songs under the band name Roadside Art. Roadside Art is not a live performance band; rather, they have focused on mastering their eclectic brand of songwriting and performance under the digital tutelage of David Spear at Spear Recording Studio in Lewisport, KY. Thus its eclectic mixture of rock, pop, Latin, and country can remain untainted by filthy corporate lucre. Roadside Art is, however, actively pursuing opportunities to sell out.

MonumentalWith its eighth recording project, Monumental, Roadside Art moved into the digital age, recording the tracks at SSC Recording Studio in Lewisport, Kentucky.

Mean Lean DiscoRoadside Art's following CD, Mean Lean Disco, was recorded in June of 2000. This album is affectionately regarded as their Greatest Hits from previous self-produced analog recordings.

Strange Gods, Strange AltarsStrange Gods, Strange Altars presents Roadside Art in their most artistic mood, and shows the band flexing their talents in an interesting blend of rock, pop, Eastern, baroque and rockabilly. Lyrically Strange Gods, Strange Altars has a loosely unified theme of "rock-n-religiosity with a smile," brought to fruition through the writing efforts and tongue-in-cheek nods of in-house medievalist Gavin Richardson.

The Miss Yesterday SessionsThe Miss Yesterday Sessions features a more "open" sound and production style than 2003's "Strange Gods…" album, befitting the new musical collection. Beginning life as a series of digitally recorded home demos, the original songs that make up the new album again bring prominence to the underlying ROADSIDE ART principle of eclecticism.

Gavin RichardsonAside from his songwriting prowess, Gavin is also the vocal talent of Roadside Art, doubling on keyboards and the occasional guitar track. Gavin currently resides with his family in Jackson, TN, the hometown of old-time rocker Carl Perkins. Gavin acknowledges several musical and songwriting influences, including Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Paul McCartney (the solo version), XTC, and Tim O'Brien. Also a closet Elvis Presley impersonator, Gavin is a true hunk of burning love and the comedic soul of the band.

Jim Newton
Jim Newton provides the myriad of acoustic and electric guitar tones featured in the music, as well as occasional keyboard "texturization." Jim also shares mixing and production duties with David Spear, and resides with his family in Hawesville, KY. Jim counts his major musical influences on three fingers: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Who. Jim loves all of Roadside Art, but counts himself as his own favorite band member. Just ask him.

Aaron Lambert
Roadside Art's resident percussionist-extraordinaire is Aaron Lambert. Aaron brings an ethnically diverse blend of percussion to the Roadside Art "sound," along with his conventional Ludwig kit. Aaron and his family call New Albany, IN home, and he acknowledges a debt of gratitude to many drummers. Subscribing to the "too many cymbals is not enough" theory of regularly persecuted percussionists, Aaron says, "Good, but needs more compression."

David Spear
David Spear brings the strident and melodic bass guitar tracks to the band's sound, as well as providing mixing and production duties. An acknowledged long-time student of the Paul McCartney school of bass guitar, Dave features many of his high-end arsenal of basses on Strange Gods, Strange Altars. An active member of his business community, Dave resides in Lewisport, KY and is the owner of Spear Recording Studio (formerly Puppet Studio), the "home" of Roadside Art since 1999. People are dying to see Dave's studio. Literally.