Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Betti LeBeau
Juve - Active
Killer Reputation
Nerves of Steel
Step Aside 
Blind in One Eye
Leg Wound
Impressive Scars 
The illegitimate child of Bad Fate legend, Jonas 'Shotgun' Lebeau,
young Betti left Bedlam Town to join the gang of her idol, the
notorious Lucky Montoya.

Tasked with escorting the headwounded Vigo Kohl during the
Bedlammers' assault on the enforcer lines defending the Charred
Cross sector, Betti took a krak grenade hit in the face which
blinded her in one eye. Shrapnel from the blast gave her a severe
leg injury which is cripplingly painful at times.

Making the best of the situatuion, Betti plays 'gangster's moll' to
Vigo, and has keenly participated in Lucky's occasional attempts to
brew up narcotics and other hazardous brews using the Old Scavvy
Hag's book.

Betti's expendability was demonstrated by her being sent back out
of the Charred Cross sector to pick up some cash in Bedlam Town,
running the gauntlet of the river Shame and the enforcers still
guarding the other side. Her resilience was demonstrated by her
fighting off a ripperjack that attacked her en route. The tale of
her solo victory, along woth the mean-looking scar the beast left
her with, was enough to persuade Django Merckx, a young juve she
met in back in Bedlam, to return with her, much to Lucky's
surprise. Against all the odds, Betti has made several other daring
trips across the Shame, and has decided to up her potency as a
combatant by regularly taking spur before going into battle.