Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Vigo Kohl
Ganger - Active
Bolt Pistol
Counter Attack
Combat Master
Head Wound x2 70162
Nephew of Bedlam Town veteran Lemmy 'Twofingers' Kohl, and cousin
of Bedlam casualty Otto Kohl, Vigo joined
the Bedlam Town Watch as a green juve shortly before the death of
Sergeant Sledge. Picking up a headwound almost immediately, the
rest of the gang had low expectations of the juve, but Vigo has
surprised everyone by becoming first a capable hand-to-hand
fighter, and then a decent shot.

Now one of the most capable all-rounders in the gang, Vigo's
effectiveness is impeded only by his bouts of near-catatonic
depression or volcanic fury. Only the attentions of fellow
Bedlammer and sometime girlfriend Betti Lebeau seem to have a
soothing effect on Vigo. However, with her increasing narcissism
and dependence on spur, she has been doing less to mollify Kohl,
and his psychotic bouts are increasing in frequency and intensity.