Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Kaspar 'The Shit' Courraine
Ganger - Active
Power Axe 
Combat Master
Killer Reputation
Hurl Opponent 
Partially Deaf
Hates the Hellbitches 
Kaspar joined the Bedlam Town Watch as a green juve, and has stayed
with the gang after their transformation into the Bedlam Boys. He
quickly earned his nickname by habitually sneaking up on downed
enemies and brutally scragging them, but has become a more capable
close combatant since. Lucky initially had major doubts over the
loyalty of the volatile and often-violent Courraine, who has
pretensions of a hive-gang career as illustrious as his deceased
uncle, Dagda 'Dragon' Courraine. In a break from his
previous close-combat preference, Kaspar became fascinated by
those weapons reknowned for their ultra-destructive qualities.
He lobbied to be equipped with a flamer; Lucky,
mistrustful, insisted that he must first further prove his loyalty
to her.

Subsequently, Kaspar has focussed on honing his hand-to-
hand combat skills to the levels enjoyed by his reknowned uncle.
Showing great bravery and combat ability in the Bedlammer's mission
to reach the Charred Cross sector, as well as proving his loyalty
to the gang once and for all, Kaspar was awarded the power axe that
had been kept in the gang's stash for months. He has employed the
weapon to great effect against a variety of foes, and has recently
developed a rabid hatred
of his former captors, the Hellbitches.