Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Uriah 'Mac' Macbacta
Ganger - Active
Hotshot Lasgun (reload) 
Rapid Fire (Lasgun)
Fast Shot
Hip Shooting
Joining the Bedlam Town Watch as a green juve in honour of his late
brother, jeb, and his deceased uncle, the famed Bedlam
ganger 'Jigsaw' Seem Macbacta, Uriah quicky
picked up the basics of underhive survival from the elder Jimi
bone, and a keen sense of imperial justice from Sergeant Sledge.
He rapidly bacame a key member of the gang, proving his usefulness
with a lasgun time and again in their campaign against Father
Anschluss's Redemptionist Crusade. 'Mac', as he bacame known to
his gangmates, was a staunch ally and keen supporter of his peer,
Lucky Montoya, as she rose to prominence within the gang, but
stopped short of overtly backing her in her ill-fated takeover
attempt against Sergeant Sledge.

A constant check on the excesses of the more-volatile Kaspar
Courraine, Mac has also been instrumental in integrating new
members into the gang, providing a link to more experienced gang
members. Of all the Bedlammers, he holds the downhive law once
enforced by the gang most dearly, and was highly pleased when lucky
agreed to pay off their guild price, buying back the gang's
legality. Mac is also a mean card player, a talent whic he puts to
good use to ensure that the house always wins in Lucky's 'House of