Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Mighty Ganger
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Jimi Bone
Ganger - Inactive
Hip Shooting
Crack Shot 
Shell Shock
Hand wound
(3fingers, left) 
A grizzled old ganger from Bedlam Town, Jimi cut his teeth running
with Bad Fate. One of the few survivors of the series of massacres
that led to the downfall of Bad Fate, Jimi retired into a
hermitlike existence on the edge of the Smokelands, his nerves
severely shaken by the deaths of his former comrades.

Years later, Jimi's old gangmate, Gul Moge, persuaded him to come
out of retirement to join Sergeant Sledge and the Bedlam Town Watch
in running down the Sacred Pilgrimage of the Order of the Black
Heart, a Redemptionist sect who had been terrorising the
town. Bone performed heriocally in their first few encounters,
inspiring a new generation of Bedlam juves and honing his skills
with his trusty lasgun. His role as sharpshooter was enhanced by
his hotshot powerpack upgrade. Notably, it was Bone who ultimately
killed Father Anschluss of the aforementioned Redemptionists,
hindering their fanatical assault substantially.

Though still a loner, JB is highly respected by the other Bedlam
Boys, and Lucky Montoya greatly values his counsel. Jimi
became 'gun-tired' with his hotshot, and, following a scragging
from Alice Darque and a near-fatal plunge from a tower while
fighting the Aventine Hotshots, retired from the gang, returning to
the Smokelands, Bedlam Town.