Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Lucky 'Tinfingers' Montoya
Leader - Active
Power Sword
Flak Armour
Grav Chute
Plasma Pistol
Bionic Hand (R) 
Nerves of Steel
Berserk Charge
Jump Back 
Hand wound (3fingers,
Hates Alice Darque 
The meteoric rise of Lucky from green juve to gang leader can be
attributed to her immense bossiness and uncanny ability to dodge
bullets, blades and lasblasts.

Lucky started off in the Bedlam Town Watch as a green juve, but
rapidly came to display strong commanding qualities that far
outstripped her usefulness in combat. Inevitably, this brought her
into conflict with the watch leader, Sergeant Sledge, who promptly
shot Lucky in the leg for her insubordination. Loyal to her
commanding officer from that moment on, Lucky took over leadership
of the gang on Sledge's death and has since led the renamed Bedlam
Boys on a more conventional hive gang path, carving out fresh
territory in the Charred Cross region.

Making a name for herself as the prime upstart in the region,
Montoya attracted the emnity of other gangs with her incessant
boasting. During a violent pit fight to establish dominance, Alice
Darque of the Hellbitches cut off three of Lucky's fingers. While
swearing revenge on Darque, Lucky resolved to temper her arrogance
and lead her gang with a more level head. Darque took to
referring to Montoya as 'Twofingers', which Lucky did little to
discourage, seeing the name as a fitting homage to legendary Bedlam
Town ganger, Lemmy 'Twofingers' Kohl.

Lucky's fortunes continue to vary: the gang's move into the
Charred Cross sector with the Cosplay Maidens rendered them
outlaws, a status that does not sit well with the Bedlammers
considering their history as Bedlam Town Watchmen, though Lucky
maintains that their guild price is unrealistically low, however,
crossing the River Shame, Lucky did pick up an old scavvy hag's
recipe book, she began dabbling in brewing up various intoxicating
substances with mixed results.

In the Charred Cross sector, Lucky's combat prowess has improved:
while working with the Cosplays to clear an old dome to serve as a
hideout, she held her own in combat with a monstrous spider beast
of supernatural power; though unable to stop arch-rivals the
Hellbitches from rescuing one of their gang memebers, Lucky did
enjoy the satisfaction of having Alice Darque flee before her in
close combat.

Eventually, after much zombie-hunting, lucky was able to pay off
the Bedlam Boys' guild price, mainly to honour the memory of
Sergeant Sledge. Recently, having suffered further injury to her
ears which has rendered her all but deaf, Lucky has led the
Bedlammers into ill-fated encouters against the Hellbitches.
Currently, she fears insubordination in her own ranks.