Gang Member Report for Spion Redeemers Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Thijs Hoogaboom (J)
Ganger - Active
Plasma Pistol
Blindsnake Pouch
Bio Scanner
Filter plugs 
Combat Master
Step Aside
Partially deaf (burnt
off ears) 
Thijs approached Stefan's gang when they came across Thijs's family
Holestead, and begged for them to let him join them. Thijs has
always been a bit of a bully, and saw this as his chance to make it
even bigger by joining a real gang. Although he is bottom of the
pack he often bullies Joost whom he sees as his nearest rival, and
regularly makes fun of Joost's speech problem. He has also sensed
Martijn's insecurities and has started picking on him to a lesser
extent. However in Stefan's presence Thijs shuts up as he has been
warned of his behaviour, and fears he could get kicked out of the
gang anytime. In combat Thijs seems fearless to get to grips with
the enemy, despite his obvious lack of experience. Within the gang
Thijs has allied himself the most with Maxmillian, as he is
fascinated by his close combat ability. In one of his conversations
with Maxmiliann involving alcohol, Thijs learnt about Maxmilaan's
vendetta agaisnt his mother's killer and that she was an Escher.
Thijs is now contemplating whether he can gain more respect in the
gang by exposing Maxmiliaan's secrets to Stefan.