Gang Member Report for Spion Redeemers Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Martijn van der Voort
Ganger - Active
Boltgun/Infra Red Sight
extra Bolter
Smoke Bomb
Mesh Armour
Filter plugs 
Martijn is actually a closet homosexual that was kicked out of his
family following their discovery. Prior to his banishment he
studied combat tactics and weapons, and still has a stash of books
that he always reads. He feels ashamed of his nature, and has not
revealed it to anyone in the gang. Martijn is always hard working
and very intelligent to boot, and has been Stefan's second in
command due to his astute combat knowledge. Martijn had heard of
Stefan's gang prior to his banishment and was able to track them
down and join them, thus joing up with the Spion Redeemers. Martijn
keeps an electronic diarylog that he guards with his life, and
always carries with him. His work with Stefan has made him very
attached to him, and he often accompanies him in battle. He is
constantly fearful that his secret will one day be discovered by
the gang.