Gang Member Report for Spion Redeemers Mighty Ganger
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Jaap Osterhoudt
Heavy - Active
Heavy Plasmagun/infra
red sight
Grav Chute
Photo Visor
Smoke Bombs
Filter Plugs 
Bulging Biceps
Jaap and Stefan befriended each other when they were on the same
spacecruiser back to Necromunda, following their respective court
martials. Jaap also served in the Imperial Guard, but in the Boer
CCV regiment. An unfortunate plasma gun accident killed his
commanding captain in battle and he was sentenced to 5yrs in
solitary confinement and then sent back to Necromunda. He couldn't
bear showing himself to his family on his return, and used all his
savings to buy his favoured plasma gun to redeem himself in the
Underhive with Stefan. The solitary confinement he went through has
made Jaap a very quiet character and he speaks very little to the
other gang members. He prefers cleaning and tinkering with his
weapons alone, and will often ignore anyone that speaks to him
except Stefan. He has become extremely strong, and able to carry
his new heavy plasma gun and shoot on the move. Stefan recently
upgraded his plasma rifle to a heavy plasma gun to Jaap's huge joy