Gang Member Report for Spion Redeemers Mighty Ganger
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Stefan tom Gerd
Leader - Active
Plasma Rifle/laser
dot sight
Powersword x 2
Frag Grenades
Smoke Bombs
Mesh Armour
Bionic Leg
Bionic Arm
Photo visor
Blindsnake Pouch
Infra Red Goggles
Ratskin Map [+3]
Skull Chip
Filter plugs 
Combat Master
Quick Draw 
Stefan was educated at the Necromunda Imperial Guard Academy and
graduated top of his class. He was quickly promoted to corporal in
the Spion XXIV regiment, and was the pride of his family back in
Necromunda. However Stefan was also a talented gambler who ran
undercover gambling dens for the troops. This all went horribly
wrong when Stefan ended up in a fight with a sergeant that owed him
a large sum of money through gambling losses. Being of higher rank,
the sergeant lied to protect himself and exposed Stefan's gambling
den. After a short court martial, Stefan was lynched and
dishonourably discharged. On his return his faimily banished him
from the Hive until he had regained their respect. Stefan has been
in the underhive for over 5 years now with his gang, and he favours
close combat weapons in battle. Despite the embarrassment Stefan
caused his father, he was given the family's ancestral plasma
pistol as a parting present to help him redeem himself.