Gang Member Report for The Hellbitches Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Nikki Divine
Ganger - Dead
chainsword, knife 
Counter-Attack, Combat
Master, Disarm, Step
Aside, Feint,
Scars, Catfall 
Blind in right eye,
Old Battle Wound 
One of Darque's bodyguards, Nikki has recently been elevated to the
ranks of the Hellbitches' gangers. Due to her status as a
bodyguard, she was gifted with a chainsword, making her one of the
deadlier members of the gang in close combat. Her impressive scars
were gained following hard fighting against Van Saar gangers, while
she lost her right eye to an Enforcer cyber-mastiff. After being
smashed off the bridge on the Shames by the Redeemer's leader,
Stefan, she picked up an injury that flares up from time to time.

Once again encountering Stefan, she finally fell to a power sword
thrust that she just failed to avoid. Her body was discovered by
the Hellbitches after the Spion Redeemers had got away with Joost.