Gang Member Report for The Hellbitches Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Marya Plastik
Ganger - Active
Laspistol, flail,
bionic eye, knife 
Counter-attack, Combat
Master, Step Aside,
Fixer, Hates Orlocks 
Leg wound
(right), Old Battle
Marya Plastik recently lost her sidekick, 'Auto' Shay, and has
vowed revenge on the Cosplay Maidens. Skilled with the flail, she
has nonetheless seen little close combat, preferring to use her
laspistol. Unfortunately, she was recently badly hurt by an Orlock
known as 'The Shit'. Her injuries have been compounded by a
blinding suffered at the claws of an Adeptus Arbites K-9 Unit, but
she has learned from her mistakes. She has finally been given a
bionic eye to replace her ruined left one, and is now searching for
a bionic leg to help further. Her arm strength, however, has
improved from all those cycles spent wielding her flail.