Gang Member Report for The Hellbitches Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Sister Silent
Heavy - Active
Plasma gun with mono-
sight, clip harness,
Chemist, Long-Shot Horrible Scars, Old
Battle Wound 
Sister Silent is Black Tanya's fellow weapons specialist in the
Hellbitches, and has a reputation for dourness. So far, she has not
particularly distinguished herself in action, having been injured
in an earlier fight with members of House Orlock. Of late, she has
finally begun to prove herself as a good shot while fighting
against the Bedlam Boys - the combination of telescopic sight and
max-power was too much for the Orlocks. While attempting to cross
the wall, she was badly scarred by an Enforcer in close combat.
After crossing the Shames, her arm wound finally healed. Recently,
having fallen three stories while trying to prevent the Spion
Redeemers retaking Joost Vogel, she has sustained an Old Battle

After falling off yet another building after having been shot (this
time by a CosPlay Maiden), Silent has become somewhat inured to
pain. She continues to be a steady and stalwart member of the gang,
and has recently taken Julie Romain under her wing.