Gang Member Report for The Hellbitches Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Black Tanya
Heavy - Active
Heavy stubber,
clip harness,
Weaponsmith, Armourer,
Medic, Sneak Up,
Bulging Biceps,
Ambush, Long Shot 
One of the best shots in the gang, Black Tanya's skill with her
plasma gun has given the Hellbitches a fearsome reputation amongst
their rivals. A Weaponsmith, she has vowed never to run into
difficulties with her plasma gun. Further tinkering has led to her
becoming the gangs' Armourer, and after having to care for two burn
victims, she is now a Medic. After being captured by the Bedlam
Boys, and held for several cycles, she is now once again a central
part of the Hellbitches.

Following the Great Break of the Spion Redeemers, and the chaotic
takeover of Charred Cross by the Hellbitches, Black Tanya handed
her lovingly maintained sun gun to Julie Romain and traded up for a
Heavy Stubber. This new piece lends the Hellbitches some much
needed long-range punch, and Tanya is keen to try it out.