Gang Member Report for The Hellbitches Mighty Ganger
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Alice Darque
Leader - Active
Plasma pistol,
autopistol, power
sword, smoke
grenades, mesh
armour, ratskin map,
respirator, knife 
Parry, Disarm, Step
So far, Alice Darque has made quite a mark on the Charred Cross
sector. Her tactical skill enabled the Hellbitches to inflict heavy
injuries on the Cosplay Maidens, although, misreading the
situation, she left the field not realising how close she was to
victory. Her skill on the draw saw her gun down a Van Saar heavy,
effectively destroying a new gang, while her swordfighting
abilities make her a fearsome opponent in hand-to-hand combat.
During the pit fight to determine who was the baddest bitch in the
sector, she smashed 'Lucky' Montoya into the ground before coming
off worst against Sister Gerdt of the Redemption. Next time,
however, she'll be sure to get rid of those Eviscerators first.

While crossing the Shames, sump spiders enabled her to improve her
aim - and Spion Redeemers allowed her to work on her chainsword
skills! Just prior to her arrest, Bette Page invented a bio-booster
which Darque now wears.

During the failed attempt to stop the CosPlay Maidens from stealing
her gang's readies, Alice was jumped by four Maidens and an Ogryn -
the unequal fight being just enough to put her down. Shortly
afterwards, she turned an assassination attempt by Twofingers and
the Bedlammers into chaos, beating Twofingers in close combat and
making her deaf after slamming her chainsword into Twofingers' ear.

A viscious fight with the Aventine saw Darque cut down their
leader, who was thought dead. Shortly afterwards, yet another
encounter with her hated rival, Twofingers, saw Kaspar 'The Shit'
Courraine, Gomi, and Twofingers herself unable to take Darque out
before the gunk tank overhead called a halt to proceedings. Both
leaders left swearing 'next time!'

After two short engagements against the Aventine, Darque recieved a
mysterious message from an urchin hiver, telling her that House
Escher and the God-Emperor were pleased with her activities.

Darque finally set her enmity against the Bedlammers aside after
humiliating Montoya in a catclysmic catwalk clash which cemented
the Hellbitches - and Darque - as the most dangerous gang in the
Charred Cross.

Since the Spion Redeemers disappeared uphive, Darque has brutally
crushed all opposition and now reigns as Queen Bitch of the Charred
Cross sector. Murmurings of unrest, however, grow each cycle...