Gang Member Report for Pit Scorpions
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Artorius (c)
Pit Slave - Inactive
Escape artist
Old battle wound x2
Leg wound (left)
Chest wound
Impressive scars
Head wound
Cas: 3

Artorius was one of the slaves freed by The Scorpion King and
quickly joined his gang. He was a very skilled warrior and his
powerful shears where feared all across the Underhive. He took part
in the unsuccessful loot & pillage assault to the Hive City
Suffragettes' encampment, where he was defeated by their leader, the
fearsome Kee-Lee Hazell. In the following encounter with the
Deathbite Ripperjacks suffered a nasty wound on his left leg which
made him lame.

It was in the escape to sector D99 where he had his best
performance, forming a group with The Scorpion King and Kaeso, they
run through the tunnels slaughtering plague zombies till they found
the key to the exit. When they arrived to the door they found a
fierce battle going on against plague zombies, giant spiders and an
Enfoncer squad. Artorius was carrying X1 to freedom when he suffered
a savage attack by a giant spider. The injuries where so serious he
was lucky to be alive, but he had become blind and was unable to
fight any more, so he had to leave the gang.