Gang Member Report for Automatics Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Kal Kutter
Heavy - Active
Autocannon, autopistol,
Medic  37581
Kal Kutter came from Hive City, and quickly fell in with Zak
Vicious. His affinity with specialist weaponry, and massive strength
- even for Goliaths - quickly made him Zak's first choice to wield
the huge Autocannon he'd bought from Klute.

After the toll exacted on the Orlocks they met while raiding the
Orlock zones, Kal has named his cannon 'Reaper'. It was Kal who
saved Xan's life after their second raid, bringing the ganger from
the brink of death and in the process becoming the gang's medic.