Gang Member Report for Omni-Hexagon Corp.: Customer Services Department Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Agt. Wesker
Ganger - Active
Lasgun w/ Tele Sight
& Hotshot Pack &
Reload, Knife,
Marksman, Crack Shot,
Rapid Fire, Weaponsmith 
L Arm Wound 222135
Agent Wesker has always been an outsider. As a child, he was that
creepy kid who sat in the corner and would capture small animals to
torture later. In his new job, however, he's not an outsider
because he's criminally insane; it's because he's the only one
who's gone to jail for it.

Wesker was recruited via an OHC program which was initially
concieved as a PR-image booster campaign: recruiting convicts and
giving them a new lease on life. In reality, it was a quick and
easy way to get killers for the CSD teams. Wesker was facing life
for hunting and killing people in Dust Falls at long range. OHC
learned of his marksmen skills, and quickly plunked down the 15,000
credit bail cost.

Sight: 88 Creds.
Hotshot Pack: 39 Creds.