Gang Member Report for Omni-Hexagon Corp.: Customer Services Department Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Agt. Orange
Heavy - Active
Flamer, Meltagun
Autogun, Knife, Bio-
Booster, Grapnel 
Specialist, Chemist  240137
House Rule: Autoguns cost -5 Credits

Agent Orange has but one goal in life: burn down trees! Burn them
all! BURN!! Problem is, he lives in the Underhive, a place which,
by no stretch of the imagination, is not condusive to tree-growth.
Instead, he must settle for torching the mosses on rocks, the
tastelss ornamental shrubs the public works projects have outside
and the occasional passerby.

Also, he recently discovered that his flamer propellant has a nasty
habit of being a carcinogen. Upon learning this, he immediately
made it his life's other goal to give at least EVERYONE he works
with cancer. So far, he's been dissappointed, but he's yet to
really try hard at this...

One-In-A-Million Flamer: 80 Credits