Gang Member Report for Rosia's Rough & Readies. Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Jenny ‘Surprise!’ Kartig
Heavy - Active
Missile launcher with
frag missiles, lasgun,
sword, knife, flak armour. 
Armourer, Inventor, Medic  320230
Jenny likes surprises. Specifically, she likes surprising other
people– usually from opposing gangs, and usually with streams of hot
lead. She has a tendency to surprise her own gang as well though,
although in decidedly more benign ways. Still, living with Jenny is
an eventful time, and there’s a reason she gets her own room
whenever possible.

She also likes to tinker rather a lot, mostly with her gun to make
it more "surprising", and as a result is the de facto armourer for
the group.

Since acquiring a missile launcher, Jenny's surprises have achieved
legendary status. You don't want to know.

After being captured by the Neuromancers, the gang is paying off
Jenny's bounty to keep her in the gang. After how much damage her
missiles caused, however, it's considered well worth it.