Gang Member Report for Rosia's Rough & Readies. Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Ganger - Active
Bolt pistol, sword,
knife, flak armour. 
Catfall, Leap  6566
Jack is the groups pet project. Rather depressed at the quality of
men in the Underhive, the ladies decided to teach a boy how to
properly treat a woman. Unfortunately, all the locals were so
stubborn and stupid they decided they’d need to start from the
ground up, so to speak. It helps that he’s pretty much expendable on
the battlefield too, being male. Because of this, he generally ends
up working with Doris, exchanging tips on how best to hide behind
large rocks, and the two are firm friends.

This seems to have become something of a success. Jack's awareness
of a persons emotions have become incredible, and he's recently
achieved a fairly impressive, although not particularly obvious,