Gang Member Report for Rosia's Rough & Readies. Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Ganger - Active
Paired power swords, knife Infiltration, Step
Aside, Combat Mistress,
Disarm, Sprint, Sneak
Up, Evade 
Nobody knows why Maid insists on never taking off her french maids
outfit. Nobody knows how it’s always completely spotless. Nobody
knows why she won’t stop giggling either, but they damn well wish
she would. Frankly, she disturbs the rest of the group quite a bit,
and she wasn’t so much ‘hired’ as ‘she followed us home Rosia and
we’dve told her to push off, only there’s an awful lot of blood on
that chain of hers and after we saw what she did to Crusher Henry we
didn’t fancy trying much of anything’

All complaints have since ceased however, as Maids ability to crush
skull after skull has proven invaluable. In fact, after seeing what
happened when Maid was introduced to a horde of zombies, Maid hasb
ecome a figure of inspirational heroism.