Gang Member Report for Rosia's Rough & Readies. Ganger Champion
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Dilla 'Dawdle' Derran
Ganger - Active
Shotgun, manstopper
rounds, bolt rounds,
hot-shot rounsds,
sword, knife, bionic
eye, bionic leg, sword,
knife, flak
 Bitter Enmity (Itch
Lilita’s appointed ‘sidekick’, Dilla earned her nickname due to
Lilita’s constant insistence that she ‘stop dawdling and keep up!’,
usually right after Dilla just shot Person About To Blow Lilita’s
Head Off #12. Dilla bears her status with only a bit of grumbling,
as among the rest of the group its common knowledge that she’s the
one who does most of the work out of the pair.

Unfortunately, Dilla seems to have attracted a fair amount of fire,
and grumbles bitterly that Lilita isn't doing her job right. Her
bionic parts are a source of annoyance, although they have made her
the gangs champion at the weekly ratskin punting competition.