Gang Member Report for Bloody Band Ratskin Warrior
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Martin Twospiders
Brave - Active
Autogun, autopistol,
club, blindsnake
pouch, knife 
Catfall, Dodge, Step
Chest Wound 10063
Twospiders has long dreamt of the day when he could avenge his
sister's horrible death at the hands of uphivers, and has joined
the Bloody Band to do just this. He has been able to gain some
satisfaction by raiding the first caravan, killing several slaves
and guild-employed guards. During a vicious melee on his third
raid, he learnt to effectively avoid his enemy's blows.

Despite suffering badly cracked ribs during the desperate attempt
to overwhelm the Van Saar von Heim, he remains one of the band's
more resilient members.

During the fighting to reach Caravan 231J, he killed a Van Saar Juve
with an excellent shot which underlines his progress. He has also
become a source of inspiration to Stephen North, thanks to his
wisdom and learning.