Gang Member Report for Bloody Band Ratskin
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Alf Fivewinds
Brave - Dead
Musket, stub gun, club Rapid Fire: Lasgun Partially Deaf, Old
Battle Wound 
Fivewinds is a keen hunter and has taken to following Darklung to
better learn to use his musket. Following his first encounters, he
has resolved to learn the skills of the lasgun. His third run-in
with lasguns has hardened this resolve, as a hit in the head has
left him hard of hearing. He has, however, become a mean fighter at
close quarters.

Following the caravan debacle, Alf has become a better shot, always
hoping to prove himself enough to be worthy of a lasgun. Alf never
gained it, however, as he was killed by Heinrich Bart during the
otherwise succesful attack on Caravan 231J.