Gang Member Report for Bloody Band Ratskin Warrior
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Sam Walks-with-Rats
Ratskin - Dead
Autogun with weapon
reload, rad-counter,
blindsnake pouch, knife 
Catfall, Infiltrate Impressive Scars 12062
Sam Walks-with-Rats is the warband's best tracker, and the Hive
Spirits shine upon him following his ruthless attack on an Orlock
despite severe injuries hampering him. He is much feted among the
Bloody Band for having kiled Kurt Reiter, leader of the Van Saars
who fought them in their raid on the House's habs.

The Van Saar gained revenge, as their heavy stabbed him to death as
he was crawling away from a melee during the caravan disaster.
Alas! Woe! Vengeance and blood!