Gang Member Report for Bloody Band
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Nate White-eyes
Other - Active
Shotgun with solid,
scatter and manstopper
shells, stub gun,
blindsnake pouch, knife 
Spirit Lore -
Blindsnake Ritual,
Chest wound, 3 fingers
on right hand 
White-eyes was born a Shaman, his ability to commune with the Hive
Spirits earning him the awe and respect of his tribe and a place at
the side of his mentor, Wisbech Blackface. He joined Chulain after
discovering Wisbech's tortured body in a despoiled Archeotech
horde, hoping to avenge both his mentor and the Spirits. During a
vicious fight against House Orlock, he suffered grevious wounds
that even his hardy constitution could not shrug off.

In the first raid on House Van Saar, he proved his skill with his
shotgun, wounding two Van Saar in quick succession. By his actions,
he inspires his brothers - this pleases the Hive Spirits.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to destroy a Guild caravan guarded by
House Van Saar, Nate was maimed by the ganger von Heim, losing two
fingers to his chainsword. In revenge, when they next met, as von
Heim was helping guard Caravan 231J, Nate shot him dead.