Gang Member Report for Bloody Band Ratskin Warrior
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Chief 'Bloody-Hand' Chulain
Chief - Active
Shotgun with solid,
scatter and manstopper
shells, autopistol,
sword, blindsnake
pouch and knife. 
Hates Orlocks, Rapid
Fire - Shotgun 
Chief Chulain has dyed his right hand red, and, in so doing, has
declared a great crusade against the hated desecrators of the Mother

Chief Bloody-Hand has spent the time prior to this declaration in
preparation, forming a warband of great skill. Their first attack on
a Guilder Caravan brought them up against an Orlock gang who fought
them to a standstill, earning the House the bitter hatred of the
Chief. Attacking the same caravan later on, Chulain finally proved
to himself and his band that he was an able and skilled leader, with
one dead Guilder to their name. Soon Chief Chulain and his brothers
will fall upon their foes with vengeance and fury in their blood.

Their next target was a set of House Van Saar habs, which they
raided on Chief Chulain's orders for loot. Chief Chulain took a
hard decision and pulled his Ratskins away to live and fight again.

Three hard fights against the same Van Saars followed, with defeat
stalking them until a successful rescue of Tom Night. Chief Chulain
must draw on all his skill at oratory and diplomacy to stay in
charge of this warband. Chulain has of late successfully
orchestrated an attack on a Guilder caravan, much to the delight of
the Band.