Gang Member Report for The Zen Yahoos Ganger Hero
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Leader - Active
2 x bolt pistol.
Fast shot.
Lucky wandered out of the spider-haunted wastes of the Wideness as
a child. Despite the dangers of the wild landscape, he was a fat
and healthy toddler. Dubbed 'Lucky,' he was raised communally by
the inhabitants of Bedlam Town.
As he grew towards adulthood, Lucky joined the legendary Marauders
as a green juve. Despite the high mortality rate that this position
entails, the young Lucky's almost supernatural good fortune saw him
rise to prominence in the gang. Left behind when the Marauders
disappeared, Lucky wandered as far as Uptown, where he set himself
up as leader of a gang of misfits and thrillseekers, the Zen Yahoos.
Fancying himself as a dashing swordsman, Lucky leads his gang from
the front. A recent spate of ill luck has lead him to doubt his
powers of fortune, and so he has started to seek a
potential 'cure.' This search has now lead him as far as the
Charred Cross sector, and an up-and-coming gang leader by the name
of 'Lucky' Montoya...