Gang Member Report for Bedlam Boys
Name/Rank/Stats: Equipment: Skills: Injuries: Cost: Exp:
Sergeant Sledge
Sergeant - Dead
Bolt Pistol
Power Maul
Carapace Armour
Iron Will
Nerves of Steel
Crack Shot
Hand Injury (2fingers, right)
As Bedlam town was menaced by Redemptionists, Sergeant Sledge arrived to deal with the crisis. A grizzled veteran of many years' law enforcement in the underhive, he interrupted a town meeting in spectacular fashion to state his intent: to hunt the Crusade of Father Anschluss down and kill them or drive them away from Bedlam Town.

Accompanied by a posse of Bedlam Watch veterans and green juves, Sledge hunted the Redemptionists for many months; the two factions skirmished frequently, but neither was able to strike a decisive blow against the other. Initially ill-at-ease with the Bedlammers, who resisted his authority, Sledge established his dominance by seeing off the leadership challenge of the upstart Lucky Montoya, shooting her in the leg for her trouble.

Becoming increasingly desperate and unhinged in his quest to destroy Anschluss, Sledge picked up an old battle wound that kept him away from several fights, an, when he did appear, he was often reckless in his pursuit of his foe.

Eventually, Anschluss was killed by Jimi Bone, but Sledge's joy was short lived: in their very next fight, the newly-ascended Father Liebensraum murdered Sledge for his part in his ex-leader's death.

No doubt Sledge would be pleased that the death of Anscluss seemed to herald the departure of the Redemption from the Bedlam Town region, but would be appalled that the Watch, reborn as the Bedlam Boys under Lucky's leadership, have gone on to become outlaws in the Charred Cross sector.