Deathbite Ripperjacks
1. Two surviving members of Da Prospectas made their way out of the New Territories beyond the Wall of Claudius (after a grim internal struggle which resulted in the death of Baron, the gang leader, and the disbanding of the gang), when they happened to cross the path of a small band of fierce gunmen and cutthroats, outnumbering and outgunning the two former Prospectas.
Having challenged the biggest of the gangers to a good ol' scrap and beaten the crap out of him, Rivets made a deal with the leader, a tall, bearded man by the name of Cristofero, to join forces. They were soon joined by some youngsters from a nearby settlement with nothing to their names but a knife and a bad attitude:
The Untouchables were born!!!

2. After two encounters with a gang with a deadly heavy stubber, and with a Ratskin gang, the Untouchables had lost 3 men including Cristofero, the Ratskin Shaman taking the leader's scalp with a fierce war cry...
Dismayed and taunted by rival gangs (nicknames such as "The Unmissables" were frequently used), Rivets finally left with Carlos and Leggio, the gang's heavies, to join another gang... soon after the Deathbite Ripperjacks were born!

3. The Ripperjacks are hunted by Enforcers and forced to escape to District 99. Here they managed to overcome hordes of raving zombies, mysterious diseases, internal squabbles and the schemes of clandestine corporations to establish themselves as a gang to be reckoned with. Rivets' leadership of the gang remained shaky, but the gang went from strength to strength...