The God Squad
The God Squad first began their career in the Underhive when leader, John Paul discovered an ancient archeotech dome hidden away deep within the Underhive.

There he discovered what seemed to be an entire facility dedicated to the research and rebirth of some unknown religion that had obviously died out millennia ago. John Paul returned to his ancient discovery often and would sit for hours at a time, reading the many tombs and archived material concerning this long lost religion. He read of miracles and wonders that even his, at times wild, imagination could never of dreamed of.

After many, many hours of reading John Paul came across something that would change his outlook on the world for ever, he discovered that a great man once lived millennia ago who had an important role to this ancient religion was also had the name John Paul. 'It must be a sign' John thought. And from that moment on he was converted, he was now a fully fledged... well he didn't know quite what his new found faith was called, he decided that if he did not know its original name it should remain nameless so he simply called it 'The Faith'.

John Paul made it his duty to bring the teachings of The Faith to all. He would tell of his new found religion in the streets of settlements and would travel far and wide attempting to bring 'The Faith' to all but no-one was listening. It wasn't until he came to the region know as the Charred Cross that people began taking him seriously, well a few people at that. But none the less John Paul had a small following, he educated his listeners in the ways of 'The Faith' and they were more than keen to follow his teachings. In honor of their new found religion each new member discarded their old names and took on a new alias, the first to under take the teachings of 'The Faith' became know as Benedict, Popestars, Archie.B, Jebus, God, Thomas and Lil Dave. Because many of the ancient scriptures and tombs were faded and damaged they found it difficult to make out many of the ancient biblical figures names, but they were close enough.

And so it was that the God Squad was formed. The God Squad started out life as peaceful men bringing the teachings of 'The Faith' to villages and other small settlements on the outskirts of the Charred Cross. But if they were to bring their wisdom to everyone in this region they would need some backing power to their plans. John Paul organized the purchase of weaponry for the God Squad and from now on if people didn't want to listen to what they had to say, they would simply make them listen. Many called them mad for once being so peaceful and now resorting to violence and petty thuggery, many also said that they had given up on their so called 'Faith' and enjoyed the crime for money ideal a little bit to much, but people who said such things quickly kept quiet or disappeared.

Soon the God Squad met stern resistance in the Charred Cross when they tried to ambush a group of travelers but what they didn't expect was them to shoot back. The God Squad quickly retreated from their encounter and ended up being followed which resulted in the lose of their water-still, a piece of much needed and valuable territory. They soon gathered from local rummers that they had attempted to ambush the local and notorious gang 'The Bedlam Boys' who quickly became the God Squads most hated enemies.

The God Squad recruit fresh members often and continue to bring 'The Faith' to whom ever they can. For the moment their role in the Underhive is far from done...