Bedlam Boys
After many years of relative peace, the underhive settlement of Bedlam Town found itself beset by a gang of vicious, fanatical Redemptionists. Despairing that all hope of ever being reconnected to Hive City would be lost due to the relentless arson attacks of the crusade, the Bedlam Town elders were overjoyed when veteran enforcer Sergeant Sledge arrived, mustering a posse and heading out into the badzones to track down and deal with the fanatics.

Following months of searching for and skirmishing with the crusade, the Bedlam Town Watch finally managed to kill Father Anschluss, the Redemptionist leader, only for Sergeant Sledge to be killed in revenge almost immediately afterwards.

Perhaps because of the death of their leader, or perhaps because for their own, unknowable reasons, the Redemptionists left the Bedlam region not long after, and the strong arms of the Bedlam Town Watch decided to follow the lead of upstart ganger Lucky Montoya, descending deeper into the undehive in search of fortune and glory. Renamed the Bedlam Boys to highlight their break from law-enforcement, the gang fell foul of the law themselves in the Charred Cross sector, becoming outlaws. After a long-fought struggle to muster the means to pay off their guild price in honour of Sergeant Sledge, the Bedlammers are seeking to establish themselves in the region, finding both bitter rivals in gangs such as the Hellbitches, and tentative allies like the Cosplay Maidens.