Battle Report for Captain Harwoods boys II
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/23/2010Gun Fight - Shoot-outWon
Another shootout, this time with Clan D'estine, Who turned up with their leader and a ganger. Kerr and a re-equipped Blandford (shotgun and sword)were their adversaries, and the pacing began, until at approx 10" Harwoods boys snapped. Both sides exchanged shots, with one man from each side pinned, but The boys were quicker on the uptake, and a fierce gunfight ensued wheras the boys lept forwards firing, a shot pinning the opposing ganger, and fortunately their leader missed at point blank with a man-stopper shotgun round. Blandford lept forwards and hacked his opponent down - severing a finger from the right hand, and kerr gunned down the other member. Shootout 2 to the boys again (by sheer luck). Fagins hole was opened up, and the new ganger came back coated in sweat and covered in scratches after entering it. The marketplace offered a bio scanner and red-dot laser sight, both of which were too expensive. The winnings weren't so great, but the captain wisely decided to keep his earnings for a dark day.