Battle Report for Captain Harwoods boys II
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/23/2010Gun Fight - Shoot-outWon
Shootout vs the hive City Suffragettes - The unfortunate ladies turned up with a flamer, and a pair of swords, To privates Doy and Blandford - shotgun and lasgun. In almost slow motion both siddes advanced to 6" away before the ladies nerve broke - swords were drawn, then the lasgun snapped up and knocked the flamer to the ground a fraction of a second before she shot, then the shotgun fired flooring the swordswoman. Win to Capt Harwoods boys, who had a really good roll of luck in the territories (both 6's) before hiring a ganger and a juve, and equipping them (lasgun and a stash laspistol). The marketplace offered not much of interest to the captain, who can't even remember what he was offered bar the sword he purchased, so intent was he to recruit new gang members.