Battle Report for Hive City Suffragettes
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/19/2010Gang FightWon
The atmosphere in Downtown Red Haven had been riding high the past few weeks, the Suffragettes were going from strength to strength. Kee-Lee had given the girls a pep talk after their most recent success against the Deathbite Ripperjacks. Yet another bunch of imbecilic men proving their folly by relinquishing territory to the girls! Kee-Lee currently had the badskin out investigating their most recent acquisition, searching for any tactical advantage the vents in the 247 district might provide.

It was late, Perez stood watch over the vents, resting somewhat idly at the closest access hatch to Red Haven. She was absently toying with the blind snake pouch the badskin had sourced for her.. he claimed he had made it himself, but she knew better.. What did it matter? Yet another trinket from a mere male.. they were so easy to control it was beyond belief. Perhaps she could use his interest to her advantage.. his bravery, or foolishness had been commendable in their last skirmish.

Hearing the faintest of knocks from the vents snapped her out of her reverie, she reflexively trained her flamer on the hatch as she yelled into the darkness “oi badskin? s’that you?”