Battle Report for Hive City Suffragettes
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/12/2010Gang FightWon
Danni M gave the sentries a slight nod as she passed through the plasteel gates without even a backward glance at her somewhat slim and excitable niece Lindsay Low-brow, she knew she would be following. Danni was smug, Key-Lee would be very happy with her most recent acquisition, new recruits for the Suffragettes were always in demand and it hadn't been difficult for her to win over Lindsay with tales of the Suffragettes success.. she couldn’t help but smile as she reflected on how the events had unfolded.

We caught their bloody leader! Ha! That bumbling idiot! Stupid men! He dished himself up on a platter, even under the cover of that heavy stubber brute... Fools! Key-Lee was sure impressed with our performance yesterday.. she mussed as she stroked her shiny new pistol. She dare not ponder this for too long, she didn’t want to push her luck too far.. life was easier when you were in Key-Lees good books..

“Hurry up Lindsay” she called over her shoulder as they entered the low service ducts that passed as their highway in this region of the hive. “Lets go get you kitted out, the fun begins here kiddo!”