Battle Report for Pit Scorpions
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/23/2010Gang FightLost
The Pit Scorpions launched an assault on a Holestead controlled by the Evyl Unklez. On their arrival, they found out it was a trap and the Unklez were waiting for them. X1 had run through the Vents and taken a strategical position to give fire cover to the rest of the gang, but he run out of ammo too quickly and after several attempts, he was finally taken out of action by Ender.

The rest of the gang was trying to advance through the other flank, but the snipers made it very difficult. A young Uklez warrior charged foolishly to Faustus. He was able to survive the first combat rounds, but Cassius joined the fight and they finished the youngster.

Meanwhile, Tchick'chuck was involved in a fire exchange with 2 gangers of the Unklez. He managed to take down one of them heavily protected amongst the ruins and showing an unnatural aming, he got an impossible shot to pin down the other ganger. This shot asked way too much of his old lasgun which exploded in his hands, leaving him a bit shaken.

The Scorpion King, Faustus and Lucius managed to make a break through the middle, but they were starting to take too many casualties and the leader opted to retreat.