Battle Report for Pit Scorpions
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/9/2010Gang FightDraw
Through the Tunnel special campaign scenario.

The first part run smoothly, taking only 2 injured gangers. Tertius was hit in the back by the heavy stubber of an enforcer, leaving him an ugly old battle wound as a parting shot. A shotgun shell from the enforcer watching the tower hit Lucius in the head and now he's become a bit unstable. Rusty Rivets, from the Deathbite Ripperjacks failed to take down the guard in the tower to open the gate, so Crassus made his way up to the tower and sliced the guard into pieces with his buzz saw. Tchick 'chuck, proving his value till the end, made his way up to the tower to close the gate after the last ganger crossed it, gaining a vital time for his fellow gangers in the tunnel but also being captured.

In the tunnels everything was different. The 2 gangs made their way through the tunnels infested with plague zombies and giant spiders as fast as they could, but the Ripperjacks had taken many casualties in the surface. They both found the exit door quickly but then they realized they needed a key to open it. The Scorpion King took Artorius and Kaeso, 2 of his bravest gangers and entered the deepest tunnels in search for the key, with the help of one of the Ripperjacks. In the end, The Scorpion King found the key and they 3 run back to the gate, the last obstacle between them and their freedom. But when they reached the door, they found a gruesome visage. Their fellow members were trying to contain the combined forces of creatures and enforcers who had run after them. Slowly, they were loosing the battle and 1 by 1, they had fallen against the odds. LDT-X1 had taken a shooting position in the tunnel next to the gate and, with the help of 2 rippers he was containing the hordes of creatures, but finally they run out of ammo, failed to stop all of them and succumbed to the zombies. Cassius, who was nearby, slaughtered the zombies all the way to the servitor trying to protect him from further damage, but he was taken down by the horde of creatures resulting partially deafened due to the injuries taken. Faustus fought against the enforcers trying to buy time and although he did it bravely, his rock drill was unable to penetrate his enemy's solid shield, even at maximum power (st 10!!). Crassus made his way back through the tunnels in order to cover the breach in the rear opened by the enforcers. The enforcer's shield was unable to resist the mighty power of his buzz saw and he finished with the first enforcer quickly, but the second one, enraged by the lost of his mate took revenge on him and Crassus was beaten thoroughly by the enforcer leaving him impressive scars. The reinforcements were very welcomed. The Scorpion King run straight to the gate in order to open it ASAP. Artorius and Kaeso were unwilling to leave their mates behind, so the both tried to take Tertius and X1 with them. The enforcers were too close and the creatures surrounded them. The last of the Ripperjacks fell. Kaeso put up a fight against the zombies and enforcers, defending his fallen mate. He hit the enforcer several times with his hammer, but he stood up refusing to fall. In a really cruel action on the enforcers side, 3 enforcers shot with their shotguns to the 2 men fighting hitting Kaeso who couldn't stand against that and fell to the ground to be captured. Artorius, carrying X1, was ferociously attacked at the gate by a giant spider who slaughtered his tattered body leaving him with multiple injuries. The Scorpion King sadly realized he had to leave his mates behind. There was nothing he could do for them now, and he run to the exit.