Battle Report for The Debilitators
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/13/2009Gang FightWon
Victory against the Russian Gang - Practice match.

Took the initiative with the first turn, and downed two of his men with a shotgun and heavy stubber duo on the left flank. A very luck Juve shot on the right saw a Laspistol shot fire, outside minimum range and through -2 modifying cover, and hit an enemy Ganger. The Laspistol passed it's ammo roll, wounded the Ganger and put him out of action. That was one hell of a shot, especially for a Juve! Slightly less fortunate was the Ganger beside him, whos Lasgun failed an ammo check and blew up right in his face. He was severely dazed, going down without his shot doing any damage.

His first turn saw him move forward on the left flank towards my two Heavies, despite having lost two of his Gangers to them. His Leader fired on the run with a lasgun, but missed the Heavy in cover. His other Ganger on the left flank advanced forward, engulfing the Juve on the left with his Hand Flamer, instantly downing him.

On the right flank his other remaining men charged forward, firing to no avail at my Leader, the Two Gangers and the other Juve.

Turn two saw a counter assasult by my men on the left, a Heavy's Heavy Stubber putting his exposed Leader out of action, and the other remaining Ganger falling to my other Heavy's knife.

On the right, my gang members rounded their cover, shooting at the Heavy and Ganger who were left open in the centre of the battlefield. The Ganger went down, but the Heavy escaped unharmed.

His turn saw that same Heavy incinerate one of my Heavy's on the left flank, who had won his melee during my turn but consolidated too close to his Heavy. A Hand flamer blast put him completely out of action, as he ran backwards in flames, screaming in pain.

Next turn was all mine, as the only active enemy was the Heavy in the middle of my forces. A long burst of sustained fire dealt out sufficient pain to see him out of action. With all of his men down, my opponent graciously (and ruefully) accepted defeat and surrendered.