Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
The Rescue Yet again Treacherous conditions yielded nothing!

I knew my opponent was in trouble when he rolled 2d6 and got a 4. Four gangers versus my max rolled D6 Spyrers. I made sure to place the terrain very close in and put my guys in a small grouping in the middle of a large walkway surrounding the bait. I forgot he had vents and he took full advantage of it. Heavy Bolter, Stubber, and leader were all in range with my guys all out of cover. I have to say thank goodness for Bio Boosters because I took 3 flesh wounds. So I had a Yeld down, one with 2 flesh wounds and an Orrus with a flesh wound.

The Orrus lost his nerve and didn't get up but the Yeld powered through his initiative check. Fortunately the Orrus crawled into cover. It was time for payback. I deduced that, even though the Jakara and Malcadon could charge his leader, it would actually be a dead even fight so shooting was my chosen tactic. My Malcadon moved into webber distance just to be safe, which turned out to be stupid. All 3 Yeld fired at the heavy bolter and leader 10-16 inches away. The heavy bolter went down but the leader was pinned having only taken 1 wound. The Malcadon then fired but despite hitting failed his Strength check, meaning the leader was now within charge distance of him if he could unpin himself.

The leader got up and rightly decided to charge my Malcadon. His leader quickly put my Malcadon OOA. The heavy stubber shot at a yeld and downed him, failing an ammo test in the process. That was the extent of his turn.

On my turn the remaining Yeld and Orrus shot at and downed the Heavy Stubber and the ganger that had spent all game running to get into firing position. With all of his gangers down he automatically bottled out without having rescued his captured Power Axe ganger.

In the Post Battle Sequence the Yelds didn't have to roll on the Serious Injury Chart but the Malcadon received Impressive Scars. On the other hand the Cawdor only had one ganger that had to roll, the leader. He rolled an 11. Dead. But there was a medic in the game, he rerolled a 14

I then found out the story of the leader. He had been in 4+ previous gangs and was always the only survivor of worth. He had a very long history of heroism. My opponent was visibly deflated and I can understand why. Even though his gang was worth over 2300 points and had 2 leadership 8 guys he said he would make a new gang with the leftovers of this one. This I didn't understand because there is one ganger with an 8 LD. But the model also has an Old Battle Wound and he figured what was the use of using that ganger for a leader. Well in my opinion even if the leader was out there is still a heavy with LD 8 that would take over for the gang on the 1/6th chance the leader was out.

Overall he's lost about 340 from his gang rating but the gang has 5 territories and 12 members, with only 3 juves. He should really keep his gang IMO.

Now they are saying since my Spyrers have a 2,005 gang rating no one will want to play them. Especially since they are undefeated so far after 9 games. I can't say I blame them. My spyrers have almost exclusively leveled up on their stats and almost no skills. With a total of 955 XP among them they only have 4 skills total. All of them have 2 wounds and I have 3 guys with 1 sustained fire die. Would you want to play them?

I think their saving grace will be that MafiaCheese has started a Redemptionist gang and I know that they are the bane of spyrers that do a lot of close combat. So hopefully in a month or two my spyrers will have some challengers again. Until then I've started a Van Saar gang and if they don't do so well I'll play some Scavvies.