Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
So I chose to do another Raid. For the 3rd time I rolled on the Treacherous Conditions and for the first time got something. Long Shadows would let us run and hide. Fortunately all of my team showed up to fight but the maximum 6 of his guys showed up too. The Jakara, Malcadon and Orrus used Tunnels to get in close while the Yelds got into position. The next turn the Jakara and Malcadon charged up to the 3rd floor of a ruin to double team a ganger. (They each have the movement power boost) I didn't shoot because I thought I could roll a 3+ to keep the HTH quiet enough to not alert other sentries. Well apparently charging up 3 floors and eviscerating a ganger with a Jakara sword is quite loud because I rolled a 1. DAMN! I think the ganger must have fallen 3 floors after he was taken out. You'll find out why later.

Because I had given up my shooting in hopes of being quiet, my Malcadon and Jakara were the only ones for anyone to shoot at. A heavy stubber and 2 basic weapons blazed away at them. Both my guys took a wound and even though the Jakara could reroll Initiative checks with the skull chip she fell 3 floors. We looked up the rules. . . . THATS D6 STR 9 HITS! ZOMG!!! Well she must have clung onto every floor going down because I rolled a one on the D6 wounds. Then rolled a 1 to wound with a STR 9 hit! I have no doubt that she landed on the ganger she took out in HTH just moments before. Actually now that I think about it one of my yeld was pinned too.

All of my team that was pinned jumped up and moved trying to stay out of line of sight of the Heavy Bolter that came as reinforcements. The Yelds got into position to shoot the stubber and managed to down him while the Orrus hid from the heavy bolter. The Malcadon and Jakara move behind the water still they were supposed to destroy but left it alone. Bodies are more important that anything else.

More reinforcements came on the board, right near my Malcadon and Jakara! Unfortunately the Malcadon was closer! I thought he was surely dead meat. That leader was carrying a power sword and bolt pistol and would have a total of 3 attacks! Fortunately the other charging ganger, with auto pistol and sword, had horrible scars. This caused the Malcadon to run and they charged the Jakara instead. (Even the FAQ doesn't say whether the scared model runs BEFORE combat starts or after. So we decided he runs before but the chargers can designate another target.) Well the Jakara must have been hopped up on adrenaline from her fall because she dispatched the veteran leader and his lackey with masterful skill.

On my turn the Jakara and Malcadon charged another ganger near the center of his board formation. Wary of return shots in the next round the Yeld picked off gangers with basic weapons near the fight. They downed 2 gangers and one of them happened to be poised a floor above the fight. He fell off the closest edge RIGHT into the HTH combat! (I love how the rules let this happen.) We randomized who the ganger fell on with a D3 and against the odds he fell on his friend but failed to wound. In HTH the Jakara again sliced another piece of scum to ribbons and followed up into the body that fell from above.

Now with 6 gangers down or out he chose to bottle out. We have a house rule that on all scenarios where it states you can't bottle out, you instead have the option at 50%.

The only notable injuries to the Cawdor gang were a head wound and a captured ganger. The ganger had a Power Axe so my opponent elected to return the favor and do a Raid against me via the Rescue mission.